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This is the page where I show photos I have taken in 2004. It is sort of a "best-of" gallery, only I don't call it that. The reason is that I want to have the posibility to show a little more than merely the best photos. Perhaps a more appropriate title would be "Memorable photos of 2004", or something similar. Still, I think you have got a fair idea of what this page is all about.

The photos of 2004
Below are the photos I have chozen to represent my photography of 2004. I didn't take as many photos in that year as I did in 2002 and 2003 (those years were quite extreme), but I have managed to get a number of photos together.
The photos are divided into a few different categories and each photo (thumbnail here) has a short text of explanatory character attached. As in other galleries you click on the thumbnail to see the photo in full size, which is about 600 x 400 pixels.


April 18 Wood-anemone Anemnone nemorosa
In spring this is a very common plant here in southern Sweden. The ground is covered by them like a white wall-to-wall carpet. If you have seen some of my spring photos from Palsjo forest (Pålsjö skog) you know what I mean.


April 26 Vintergröna Vinca minor
The Swedish name "Vintergröna" means winter green. And it is! The leaves stay green all year around. It is originally a garden-plant which has found its way to freedom. How it managed to get here I don't know. There is one or two gardens not too far away but there is also quite a broad creek in between!

Road thistle
April 28 Road thitstle Cirisium vulgare
Nasty looking thorns of a road thistle. Even though I think it is a rather beautiful plant I try to keep a healthy distance. The flowers are quite popular with butterflies but also bees and hornests.

June 13 Forget-me-not Myosotis scorpoides
A beautiful and well-known flower. In Swedish the name is Förgätmigej which is exactly the same as the English name, eventhough the word 'förgät' (forget) is rather old.

June 23 Unidentified N/A
I don't know what kind of flower / plant this is, but I have a suspicion that it could be some sort of water aloe. Or something of that fasion. It is not in any of my books. The water aloe has similiar flowers only they are white and the leaves are jagged. Any idea, anyone?

June 23 Dogrose Rosa dumalis
This pinkish red dogrose was growing close to a fence by the bicycle road. I was on my way home when I spotted it and stopped by to take a few photos. This bud rapidly became my favourite object.

April 26 Skatnäva Erodium cicutarium
This is a plant of the Geranium family. It is usually quite small (i.e. < 10cm) but it can get up to twice as high. This was one of the smaller ones, though, and I had to get down on my knees to get a decent photo of it.


April 28 Harsyra Oxalis acetosella
Directly translated "harsyra" means hare acid. The correct name is however (wood)sorrel. You can actually eat the clover-like leaves. I haven't tried it myself, but I'm told it tastes rather fresh. From a distance the flowers looks to be plain white, but looking closer it's actually quite colourful.

Giant poppy
June 04 Giant poppy Papaver pseudoorientale
This is originally a garden-plant and it is quite common as such. The plant in the photo was however growing in the wild in a group of about fifteen. They were growing at the edge of a corn field close to a road and could be spotted from quite a distance.

Yellow sedum
June 23 Yellow sedum Sedum acre
Like a giant, yellow pillow this group of yellow sedum was growing among the stones at a beach. Naturally I couldn't resist taking a picture of it.

White sedum
July 10 White sedum Sedum album
These white sedums was actually growing in the middle of roundabout. There were quite a few of them. Note the helix in the foreground to the left. There was also and other kind of sedum plant there. You can see it near the bottom edge of the picture. That one is still unknown to me

October 15 Parkslide Reynoutria japonica
Not many plants bloom in autumn, but this one does. I don't know of any English name of it. It is originally from Japan hence the latin name japonica.


Raa Creek
April 26 Raa Valley Råådalen
A part of the beatuiful Raa Creek approaching Raus (going downstream). This was one of several visits here in the spring of 2004. It is espsecially beautiful here in spring, I think.


June 04 Orby Meadows Örby ängar
For a bird-watcher Orby Meadows is a good place to be. There is quite a lot of birds to be seen and, not to mention, heard here. This photo was taken early one morning in the beginning of june.

Dead trees
June 04 Gorarps Mill, Raa Valley Görarps mölla, Råådalen
A couple of dead trees close to the parking and picnic place here. You may call the ugly but the wood-peckers like them, and so do I.

Red sunlight
June 10 Palsjo Hills Pålsjö backar
At daytime there is a lot of people walking and jogging down this path. This evening I seemed to be almost the only one. A part from a wood-pecker, that is.

June 23 Orby Meadows Örby ängar
I came here after a walk in Raa Valley (see previous photo). A lot of birds were singing and it was getting warmer. The small fort to the right was built during world war two and is one of several in this area.

A duck pond
May 12 Jordbo Valley Jordbodalen
It was a somewhat misty and even a little rainy day when I visted the valley which actually is almost next door to where I live. There wasn't any rain when I started out, but when this photo was taken it had started to rain.


June 04 Gorarps Mill, Raa Valley Görarps mölla, Råådalen
Looking downstrem at Raa Creek. It may look peaceful enough, but there is a motorway passing a bit further down. This morning it actually was rather peaceful here.

Evening sun
June 10 Palsjo Hills Pålsjö backar
The setting sun is shining through the forest. This photo was taken a rather warm and calm summer evening in June. I was out to find owls and I did. Not right here, though.

June 23 Raa Valley Råådalen
I took this photo (and a few others) an early morning as I was following the creek upstream. There was a bit of haze in the air and its effect on the sun-rays was stunning.

Autumn colours
October 27 Jordbo Valley Jordbodalen
This is autumn at its very best. Breathtaking colours, crisp and clear air and a blue sky with only a few clouds. I like days like this one.

Views & landscapes

Low fog
March 31 Elineberg Elineberg
A view from my balcony. Towards the end of this day the sound, and parts of Helsingborg, got covered in this low fog. Denmark and the setting sund could be seen above the fog.


June 02 Palsjo Hills Pålsjö backar
This photo was taken shortly after sunset but the amount of light was still sufficient. I took rather a long bicycle trip that night hoping to find owls. I didn't but I heard a few nightingales.

Evening sunshine
July 07 Langeberga Långeberga
The day had been quite warm and in the evening I took a bicycle trip in order to get some decent photos. I got this one and a few others.

Evening view
June 02 Palsjo Hills Pålsjö backar
View from one of the outlooks at Palsjo Hills. The evening was beautiful and calm but surprisingly chilly. It is after all in the beginning of June. Luckily I had brought an extra sweather.


Misty beach
June 23 Orby Meadows Örby ängar
The beach at Orby Meadows down towards Fortuna. It was rather misty when I got here but slowly starting to clear up. Not that it had to.

Birds & insects

July 05 Seagull Larus canus
This summer I spent a lot of time at a place close to the West Harbour. There were a lot of seagulls there and some of them had nests near by. The gull in the picture was one of them.


On my finger
August 09 Flowerfly Episyrphus balteatus
During a rather long heat-wave we experienced an extremely large amount of flowerflies. They were all over the place as well as over me. I counted at least twenty-five on me at one point. Luckily they are harmless.

July 28 Peregrine Falco peregrinus
A juvenile peregrine showed up and started chasing a segaull. They came rather close to where I was and I managed to get this photo. And, yes, it is the same falcon as in the logo on this page.


Watch out!
June 23 Hornest Paravespula vulgaris
Some flowerflies can look just like hornests. This, however, is the real thing. It obviously found my binocular a nice place to be and stayed for quite a while.


July 02 Departure Avgång
On of Scandlines' ferries, the "Hamlet" leaving Helsingborg for Elsinore. It was a hazy morning but the sun managed to shine through.

August 13 Fishingboat Fiskebåt
A small Danish fishing boat surrounded by seagulls eagerly waiting for something to eat. They didn't wait in vain.

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