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about this page

On this page you will find short descriptions of the currently available sub-domains here at Brunkman Photography. After each description you will find one or more links to the sub-domain, mainly to the index page of it. You can also use the links in the menu to the right. This menu can be found on all major pages here.


Växter i Skåne

Växter i Skåne (Plants in Southern Sweden) is my own little net-flora which I started back in 2002. At that time I didn't have webspace enough for it but that changed when I got my own domain.
In Växter i Skåne a number of wild plants, currently well over 200, is described. Plants which you can find here in my part of the country. Well, you can find them elsewhere also. Each plants has a page of its own with some (hopefully) informative text and a few photos. The number vary between plants.
Växter i Skåne will eventually be reconstructed.

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birds @ bruphoto

Birds is all about bird-watching, a fascinating hobby which I have pursued since the late sixties. I still find it just as fun and interresting as when I started. Like many ornitologists (at least here in Sweden) I write down what I see in a small book, and it has become quite a few over the years. Here you will find observations from mainly 2004, but there will be more.
Apart from the observation book there are some bird photos you can view. Thus far it is mainly scanned slides, but there will be more later on.
There is also a book (a guest book, really) in which you may write if you have seen something you would want to share. You may also use it to post questions to me. Everthing serious will be responded to - nonsense and al kinds of abuse will be deleted.

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Go For Me!

Profil, or Go For Me! as I mostly call it, is in short a presentation of me and whar I can do. My portfolio, if you prefer. If you are an employer or looking for someone to sponsor (and get e.g. advertised in return) this might be something for you. Here you can read about me, what I can do for a potential employer and what I have done thus far. You can view samples of my work such as writing, photography and graphics. Even the pages themselves are samples of my skills in web design.
You can also download my CV as well as a supplement to it, or simply print a copy should you prefer that.

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Images of Sweden

IOS, an abbreviation of Images Of Sweden, is all about photography - nature, landscapes and plants. The photos are mainly from 2003 and are not shown anywhere else (I think). If they are, it would be in Flora. IOS is divided into two departments:
 Blomfoto L. Brunkman is exclusively about wild flowers and plants.
 Nature Photography shows photos of nature and landscapes.
Both departments resulted from web design experiments using CSS and small images. If you ask me they turned out rather nice.

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