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Since the advent of my first photo site (in 1998) numerous photo galleries have come and gone. Most of them are, however, still up. Some are in English and some in Swedish. For English galleries I recommend (a part from this site) a visit to my former HQ at Sphosting.
On this page you will find links to all of my major galleries. Use the drop down menus to browse. Please note that the links there goes directly to the galleries. To go to the site's index page use the link in the table below.
Caution! Because the sites listed here are free sites you will encounter various forms of advertising such as banners, pop-ups and pop-unders. They are put there by the host, so don't blame me! :)
Enjoy the photos!

Descriptions & links

Site descriptions
Below is a list of my free sites. They are not listed in any particular order. Sphosting (English)
This site was my HQ (see About page) before this site saw the light of day. I have uploaded several galleries to it, but I don't think there will be any more now. It is now a paid domain and I aim to add other things there. I haven't yet decided exactly what kind of things :).

· Update
During autumn of 2004 I conducted a rather extensive re-design of the common galleries. The photos were indeed reduced in size but placed in handy pop-ups with javascript. The galleries with the clickable thumbnail was removed.
During the summer of 2005 I worked on a new start page and a few sub-pages. It took me awhile but it turned out fine and I could upload the pages. They work in both Firefox and Internet Explorer and have even been rewarded the's icons! :)


lucmart at Passagen (Swedish)
My very first site and originally a site dedicated to writing (I do that too). Later on I uploaded a couple of galleries to the site simply because I had no other place to put them. Nowadays it holds quite a large number of galleries.

· Update
In April 2003 I gave this site a face lift, and in November I completed the Brunkman Photography presents galleries. After that, there have only been a few smaller, cosmetic updates.


webblarry på Tripod (Swedish / English)
This site was my first international site and HQ (see About page) and it still holds a lot of stuff.

· Update
I gave the page a face lift 12-25-03

Note! Any further updates will not be done and the site will probably be deleted.


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