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About this page
On this page there are links to and short descriptions of the sections and galleries currently available here at Brunkman Photography. I hope you will find something you like. If it's not here right now it may very well come at a later date!

On this page (and other) javascript pop-ups are being used why it is important that you have the javascript function in the borwser turned on. If you are using Internet Explorer 6 (or any other newer browser) the pop-ups will most likely be blocked! To be able to see the pop-ups anyway press Ctrl while clicking on the link.

In the columns below you can see which sections and galleries are available here at Brunkman Photography. You can also see what is to come (whenever something is). To make it all a little easier to grasp I have shortened the descriptions. Sometimes a little more information can be obtained by clicking the "Read more" link. Please note that these links open in pop-up window.

Sections: Avdelningar with galleries.
Galleries: Separate galleries, i.e. galleries not belonging to any particular section.
New! You can no longer go the separate galleries but you can see the slideshows. Just click the appropriate link!
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Sections & galleries

Helsingborg- My town
A section dedicated to my home town.
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Photo news
Photos straight (almost) from my scanner.
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Kulla Gunnarstorp
Kulla Gunnarstorp
This is the place I have visited the most. My first visit here dates back to the beginning of the seventies. Read about it and other visits as well as see photos from my visitis in 2005.
Swedish section!
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Gallery-1 - Summer flowers
Gallery-2 - Flowers & insectes
Gallery-3 - Gallery Fabaceae
Gallery-4 - Mixed photos
Gallery-5 - Assorted plants
Gallery-6 - Mixed insects
Gallery-7 - Mixed flowers
Gallery-8 - Mixed plants

Winter gallery - Winter photos from 2003
Winged art - Butterflies
Small wonders in nature - Insects
Gallery Rosaceae - Dogroses
Vicias & Lathyruses - Leguminous plants
Gallery 2003 - Best photos of the year


Photography 2004
I have now finished working on my photos from 2004. It took much longer than planned because of some techincal problems. They are now resolved. In this department you will find alot from 2004:

· Galleries [Swe / Eng]
· Photo excursions [Swedish]
· Photos of the Year [English]

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Flora Linnea
Flora Linnea
resides in an old vicarage at Fredriksdals Museum & Gardens area in Helsingborg. Roses are the main attraction here, but they sell a lot of other things also like furniture, books och textiles.
These pages contain pictures (mostly exteriors) and are being updtated a little now and then. Pay a visit and be sure to look in on Flora Linnea's own site by att clicking the sign in the upper right corner. [Swedish]
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bruphoto besöker
Under this vignette you will find reports in text and photos from some different places. This is not galleries as they use to be, the emphasis is put at least as much on the text as on the photos. [Swedish]

Besökta platser
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Winter gallery
Winged art
Small wonders of Nature
Galleri Rosaceae
Vicias & Lathyruses
Gallery 2003


View cat pictures with funny text! [Swedish]
» Catstalk

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