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October 2007 - Content

October 06
Autumn leaves (zoom)
As Autumn progresses the colours of trees and bushes become more vibrant
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Flies and spiders (Raynox)
More macros taken using the great Raynox 250 macro lens.
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October 07 - Kulla Gunnarstorp
Dew drops (Raynox)
Glittering dew drops on leaves and spider web.
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Various insects (Raynox)
Amazingly many insects still around.
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Grashopper & dragonfly (Raynox)
These guys were almost too large for the macro lens. Almost!.
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October 13
Insects (Raynox)
Various insects, mainly hoverflies and flies .
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Cricket (Raynox)
A male bush cricket was a nice surprise today.
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October 14
Flies (Raynox)
Various flies captured with the Raynox 250 macro lens.
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Bugs & Beetles (Raynox)
Ladybugs and stink bugs.
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Insects (Raynox)
Various insects including a crane fly.
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Hover flies (Raynox)
Two different species of hoverflies.
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Cropped macros (Raynox)
I have experimented with cropping my Raynox images. Here's the first result.
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Nature in focus
A collection of images taken close to where I live.
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October 21
Flies (Raynox)
More flies captured with the Raynox 250 macro lens.
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Hover flies (Raynox)
A few different species of these VTOL-capable insects.
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Mixed insects (Raynox)
Big and small, leafhoppers and stink bugs.
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Spiders (Raynox)
Some different species of spiders.
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Cricket (Raynox)
I got jumped by a cricket. See the images here.
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Colours of Autumn
Autumn as it appeared today. Taken close to where I live..
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October 25
Various flies (Raynox)
Flies are interesting insects. Especially seen up close.
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Hover flies (Raynox)
Three species of hover flies.
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October 27 - Pålsjö Forest
Autumn forest
Very much my favourite place this season. I think you will see why.
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Autumn macros (Raynox)
A closer look at Autumn, so to speak.
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October 28
Autumn 1
Colourful leaves and fungi. From Jordbodalen
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Autumn 2
Lots of colours. From Jordbodalen and Närlunda.
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Insects (Raynox)
Different kinds of insects. From Jordbodalen.
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October 30
Drops (Raynox)
It had rained during the night and in the morning lots of drop could be found. hese are taken at my work.
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October 2007 - Thumbnails

To view the photos click on the link in the left column. Each gallery open in a javascript pop-up window. A click on the photo shown takes you to the next in the gallery. When clicking on the last image the window will close.
(M) before a gallery name means it consists of macros.


Nature Insects
Autumn leaves (9 images) (M) Flies and spiders (7 images)

2007-10-07 - Kulla Gunnarstorp

Drops Insects Insects
(M) Dew drops (5 images) (M) Insects (8 images) (M) Grashopper & dragonfly (11 images)


Insects Cricket
(M) Insects (7 images) (M) Cricket (3 images)


Flies Bugs Insects
(M) Flies (12 images) (M) Bugs & Beetles (7 images) (M) Insects (7 images)
Hover flies Cropped Nature
(M) Hover flies (5 images) (M) Cropped macros (12 images) Nature in focus (7 images)


Flies Hover flies Insects
(M) Flies (10 images) (M) Hover flies (8 images) (M) Mixed insects (10 images)
Spiders Cricket Nature
(M) Spiders (11 images) (M) Cricket (4 images) Colours of Autumn (6 images)


Flies Hover flies
(M) Various flies (12 images) (M) Hover flies (9 images)


Pålsjö Forest Macros
Autumn forest (20 images) (M) Autumn macros (8 images)


Autumn Autumn Insects
Autumn 1 (8 images) Autumn 2 (13 images) (M) Insects (18 images)

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