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November 2007 - Content

November 02 - Macros with diffused flash!
Various flies (Raynox)
Using a coffee filter as a diffuser I tried taking some macros. These were all taken inside the greenhouse at my work.
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Hover flies (Raynox)
Testing diffused flash outside. Mainly hover flies on a rose. And a fly.
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November 03 - More diffused flash macros!
Various insects (Raynox)
These were all taken in Jordbodalen. I found the insects on the wooden railing surrounding the ponds.
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Larva with prey (Raynox)
Taken at the same location (and railing) as the above. It's a hover fly larva.
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November 04
Insects (Raynox)
With diffused flash and also from the railing in Jordbodalen.
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More insects (Raynox)
From the same place. The coffee filter diffuser really works well.
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Autumn pics
Still quite a lot of autumn colours around. This is probably the last autumn gallery for this year.
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November 08
Birds around the feeder
We have a bird feeder at my work and it's become very popular among the local birds.
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November 11
Insects & spiders (Raynox)
More with diffused flash. All taken in Jordbodalen except the last three.
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More insects (Raynox)
From the same session, and same place, as the above.
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Frosty walk (Raynox)
It was rather chilly and frosty this day. I documented my walk with some photos.
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November 15
Insects & spiders (Raynox)
Taken with diffused flash (coffee filter) in Jordbodalen.
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Today was cold and frosty, as these photo will show.
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Frosty macros (Raynox)
I took some "frosty" macro shots as well today.
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November 16
Fredriksdal forest
Not much life (seemingly) in this little city forest in November. These were all taken in the morning on my way to work.
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November 17
Spiders (Raynox)
Some different kinds of spiders. Taken in Jordbodalen.
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Insects (Raynox)
Still some insects to be found on that railing. All taken in Jordbodalen.
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Bugs / Beetles (Raynox)
More wildlife from the wooden railing at Jordbodalen.
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November 18
Mixed insects (Raynox)
Extensive gallery of various kinds of insects. All taken in Jordbodalen.
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Spiders (Raynox)
I found some spiders today too. See them all here. All taken in Jordbodalen.
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Flies (Raynox)
Probably my favourite insect to photograph. Here are a couple taken in Jordbodalen.
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November 25
Some more insects (Raynox)
There are still some insects left to be found. These I found on the railing in Jordbodalen.
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October 2007 - Thumbnails

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(M) before a gallery name means it consists of macros.

2007-11-02 - Macros with diffused flash!

Inside Outside
(M) Various flies (12 images) (M) Hover flies (7 images)

2007-11-03 - More diffused flash macros!

Insects Larva
(M) Various insects (9 images) (M) Larva with prey (5 images)


Insects Insects Autumn
(M) Insects (18 images) (M) More insects (19 images) Autumn pics (10 images)


Insects Insects Walk
(M) Insects & spiders (14 images) (M) More insects (12 images) Frosty walk (7 images)


Insects Jordbodalen Frosty
(M) Insects & spiders (21 images) Jordbodalen (9 images) Frosty macros (5 images)

2007-11-17 - Diffused flash macros

Spiders Insects Bugs
(M) Spiders (16 images) (M) Insects (9 images) (M) Bugs / Beetles (11 images)

2007-11-18 - More diffused flash macros

Insects Spiders Flies
(M) Mixed insects (36 images) (M) Spiders (11 images) (M) Flies (12 images)

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