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May 2007 - Content

May 05
Långeberga in May
Långeberga, or Bruce's Forest, was my goal this day. There were a lot more flowers this time and birds were singing from almost every tree.
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May 06
Närlunda, the Pit
On my way out to the countryside I stopped by at Närlunda (close to where I live), in what is commonly called the Pit. It's a rather deep quarry-like area which becomes flooded during heavy rains. Today it was quite dry there.
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Kulla Gunnarstorp
One of my goals this day was Kulla Gunnarstorp. Weather was sunny and quite warm. As always much to see here. These are few of the photos I took.
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May 17
Närlunda and Jordbodalen
I took a walk in the neighbourhood this day. My first stop was the Pit. Lots of trees in bloom here. I later proceeded (actually back towards home) to Jordbodalen. Here are some of the photos I took this day.
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May 20
Råå, the fishing village
I was here last months and today I was back here. My main goal was the nature area south of the village, but I just have to stop and take some photos.
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Thrift at Örby meadows
Thrift, Armeria maritima, is very common in these meadows. Here is a couple of photos of it.
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May 27
A few from the Pit
Just a few photos from a stop I made here today.
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May 30
Countryside sunset
I had to work late out in a remote barn (don't ask!), but had the fortune to whitness quite a beautiful sunset. Luckily I had my camera with me.
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Närlunda Kulla Gunnarstorp
Närlunda (the Pit) (2 images) Kulla Gunnarstorp (4 images)


Råå Thrift
More from Råå (5 images) Thrift in bloom (2 images)

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