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March 2007 - Content

March 10
Architecture from down town Helsingborg
There are still many old and beautiful houses to be found in down town Helsingborg. Here are some of them.
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Vikingsberg Park and the Sofia spring
The two parks, Vikingsberg and Öresund park, are residing side by side separated by a highly frequented main street. The Sofia spring is located quite close to the street.
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The Coop (Kärnan)
Remains of an old fortress from the 12th century. The tower is still the tallest building in town (30m).
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March 11
More architecture from Helsingborg
Some more interesting old houses from down town Helsingborg
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Pålsjö Mill
Pålsjö water mill dates back to the ??th century. It is no longer in active use, but it is a popular place to visit if only to feed the ducks in the pond there.
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March 12
More from down town Helsingborg
Another set of architecture photos.
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North harbour
The North harbour was renovated and rebuit completely some years ago. Some like the result, some don't.
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Details from the Sofia spring
A few photos from the spring showing were you can drink the water. No, I haven't done that :)
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March 14
Architecture at Fredriksdal
Fredriksdal open air museum has its own old city block! A group of old houses which were once located in down town Helsingborg. A lot to see here.
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March 25
Pålsjö Forest
Spring walk in Pålsjo Forest
Pålsjö Forest is a small forest well within the city limit, and a very popular place to go for a walk. I did just that and took some photos.
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March 31
Architecture from down town Helsingborg
We had some really nice weather this month and I made several trips to down town Helsingborg. Here are some more architecture shots.
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Tycho Brahe well
An old well in central Helsingborg. It was made in 1927 to honour our famous astronomer Tycho Brahe.
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March 2007 - Thumbnails

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Architecture in Helsingborg Sofia well The Coop
Architecture (7 images) The Sofia spring (10 images) The Coop (5 images)


Architecture in Helsingborg Pålsjö mill
More architecture (5 images) Pålsjö Mill (5 images)


Architecture in Helsingborg North harbour Details fron Sofia well
Architecture (5 images) North harbour (3 images) Details of the Sofia spring (3 images)


Architecture in Helsingborg Tycho Brahe well
More architecture (8 images) Tycho Brahe well (5 images)

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