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June 2007 - Content

June 03
Garden Lupins
Dispite the name this flower can be found along roads and bicycle roads. They come in all kinds of colours all the way from white to deep purple. These were found along a bicycle road in southern Helsingborg.
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Most fern grown in the deep shadows in the forests. Some are big others are quite small. They all have their own beauty. These I found close to were I live.
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June 04
Långeberga - mixed photos
There is a lot to see in the Långeberga area. Here are some photos of flowers (mainly).
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Långeberga - forest photos
Here are some photos from the nature preservation area Bruce's Forest. Today there were quite a few mosquitos here, so this is most likely my last visit this summer.
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Långeberga - Fern
Various kinds of fern can be found in the forests of Långeberga. Here are a few of them.
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June 05
Wild Roses
A collection of various kinds of wild roses taken around were I live.
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Mixed photos
Along with the wild roses I took quite a few other photos. These are some of them.
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June 06
Mosshult (Väla forest)
This is another nature preservation area in Helsingborg. A beautiful forest with a lot to see. In spring some orchids can be found here along with various other rare plants. Lots of birds too.
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Mosshult - mixed photos
A lot of various flowers and plants can also be found outside the forest. This is a small collection of photos from the area outside the forest.
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June 10
Summer evening at Pålsjo Hills
The weather was quite warm and almost no wind. I had a very pleasant time here and got to whitness a quite beautiful sunset. About a week later the summer was over, weather wise.
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June 13
Kungshult - Sofiero forests
These are not very large forest areas but beautiful non the less. I visited both forests today and took quite a few photos. These are some of them.
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June 15
A visit to Örby Meadows
Örby Meadows (Örby ängar) south of Helsingborg is a combination of beaches, swamps and meadows. There are a lot of birds, and over 400 kinds of plants can be found here.
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June 20
Råå Valley around Raus
When I come here in the summer is mostly to photograph flowers and insects. The photos in this gallery are of the whole area. You will find some flowers in the mixed gallery below.
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Mixed photos
A small collection of photos of flowers (mostly) from both Råå Valley and on my way there.
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June 21
Another visit to Mosshult
It was overcast, fog and a light drizzle this day. It got a bit better after a while though. Despite the poor weather I enjoyed my visit. Hope you enjoy the photos.
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June 24
Råå Valley again
Another visit to the beautiful valley. This time it was quite a short one as I had other places to got to too.
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June 2007 - Thumbnails

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Garden Lupins Fern
Garden Lupins (6 images) Fern (4 images)


Långeberga Långeberga Långeberga
Långeberga: Mixed photos (8 images) Långeberga: Forests (6 images) Långeberga: Fern (3 images)


Wild roses Mixed
Wild roses (5 images) Mixed photos (5 images)


Mosshult Mixed
Mosshult: Forest (16 images) Mosshult: mixed photos (6 images)


Råå Valley Mixed
Råå Valley around Raus (7 images) Mixed photos (6 images)

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