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July 2007 - Content

July 14
Mixed photos
This gallery contains photos I took during a walk in the neighbourhood.
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July 21
Pine Forest Route
A brand new route for people to walk had been recently opened and today I tried it out. It was quite beautiful ad lot to see.
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Örby meadows
Another visit to the meadows this summer. Weather was surprisingly good and, as always, a lot to see. My camera got quite busy.
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July 29
Large Bee Fly (Macros)
This bumble bee-like hover fly is one of the biggest I've seen. Quite cooperative too.
Taken in Supermacro
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Mixed flowers and plants
Where there's insects there are flowers, or vice versa. Here are a few flowers and plants.
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Mixed insects (Macros)
And here are some different kinds of insects.
Taken in Supermacro
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July 2007 - Thumbnails

To view the photos click on the link in the left column. Each gallery open in a javascript pop-up window. A click on the photo shown takes you to the next in the gallery. When clicking on the last image the window will close.


Pine Forest Route Örby meadows
Pine Forest Route (5 images) Örby meadows (12 images)


Hover fly Mixed flowers Mixed insects
Macros: Large Bee Fly (8 images) Mixed flowers (3 images) Macros: Mixed insects (8 images)

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