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Viktigt - Important!
important! Innehållet i denna sektion, såväl som andra sektioner här, är skyddat av lagen om upphovsrätt. Du får inte ta något utan tillstånd från mig!
Tack för att Du respekterar detta!

Content of this section, as well as any other section of this site, is protected by copyright laws. You may not take anything without my permission!
Thank you for respecting this!

Arkivet - The Archive!
archive Här i arkivet hittar du tidigare sidor. Alla bilder finns givetvis kvar. Notera att de öppnar i pop-ups och därför ser lite annorlunda ut.

In the archive you find earlier pages. All photos are of course still there. Please note that they open in pop-ups and therefore look slightly different.

See my photos from 2008 here!
Photography 2008 >>


If you have visited my old camera section this layout will seem very familiar. And so it should, because it is the same one. The content of this section is also quite similar. It's about me and my Canon PowerShot S3IS and photos I've taken with it. The main difference is that here you will find not only many more photos, but also a lot of galleries. The number of images in the galleries vary between only a few up to over thirty (in one case). You will find links to the pages in the right column under Archive.

The pages and navigation
There is one page for each month of the year except January and February. These two months were covered in the old section, and I could see no reason to have them here as well. Navigation is quite simple. Each page has two columns. The big (right) one holds all thumbnails (to give a glimpse of the content). The left column contains the galleries with a short (sometimes very short) description of its content. There is also the link to each of the galleries. They open in a javascript pop-up window. Click on the photo shown to get to the next. Clicking on the last photo will close the window. Unfortunately there is no way to go back to see a previous photo.

Differences between browsers
I have tested the pop-up windows in both IE (6) and Firefox (2) and they work well in both browsers. The window pops up faster in Firefox but unfortunately you won't get the Alt text. IE lets you have the Alt text but takes longer to open the page you also get that annoying toolbar. All images are 800 x 600 in size and range between 70 to a little over 300 kB. I mention this so you know why some may take longer to load than others. If you have a reasonably fast broadband connection it shouldn't be any problem.



New years eve fireworks Photo taken from my balcony 2008-01-01

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