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April 2007 - Content

April 01
Trip to Kulla Gunnarstorp
Kulla Gunnarstorp, a few miles north of Helsingborg, is one of my favourite places. It's a mix of forest- and farmland where lots of birds, flowers and insects can be found. If you're lucky you can also catch a glimpse of a fox or see deer grazing.
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April 15
Långeberga nature preservation area
This is a smaller area on the eastern outskirts of Helsingborg. I resides very close to a freeway (the E6) and the expanding industrial area of Långeberga. The nature preservation area is nowadays called Bruce's Forest and has been restored and made more avaiable to the public. For better or for worse? A matter of taste.
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April 21
Pålsjö Forest
I took a walk in the forest this month. As usual there were milions os wood anemones covering the ground like a white wall-to-wall carpet. Also a bit of spring greenery could be seen.
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Nature around Pålsjö farm
Just outside the forest is the farm. On some of the surrounding fields there is now a young forest growing.
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April 22
Råå harbour
Pictures of Råå
Råå (pronounced 'raw') is a small fishing village in the south of Helsingborg. A very picturesque place.
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April 27
Apple blossom
On my way to work I pass some apple trees. They were now in full blossom.
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A couple of spring images
It's still early but here is a couple of photos of spring thus far.
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April 29
Cherry blossom
On my way to Råå Valley (Råådalen) I came across a cherry tree in full blossom. Naturally I stopped and took a few photos
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Råå Valley in spring
The main "feature" of Råå Valley is the small river (creek) Råå. The nature is quite beautiful and a lot of birds, flowers and insects can be seen.
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Pålsjö Forest Pålsjö farm
A walk in Pålsjö Forest (5 images) Around Pålsjö Farm (4 images)


Apple blossom Nesting box
Apple blossom (3 images) A couple of spring images (2 images)


Cherry blossom Råå Valley
Cherry blossom (3 images) Råå Valley walk (11 images)

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