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Hello & welcome!
This page is all about my site – Brunkman Photography - Images of Sweden. Here you will find links to the rest of the pages as well as short news about what is happening and what is to come. Feel free to browse around. There is a lot to be found!

About this site & me

About this site
Brunkman Photography started as a part of a small site. This was in 1998 and the total content was a few galleries. As you can see things have developed since then.
In the autumn of 1999 Brunkman Photography left the safe (?) ground of Sweden and went international. Members Tripod became the first HQ and shortly after that Dreamwater. I could write several pages about that host, but since this is not about web hosts I will refrain from doing that.
After a short stay at a great host who sadly had to close down I came to Sphosting. They didn't offer as much space as the previous host but it was quite enough for me. Well, for a while anyway :)
The dream of having my own domain have been with me all since the start (almost) but I never seemed to get the money needed. However, one day I was visiting my favourite fontsite and checked out a link there. That's how I found ASharedHosting. They offered domain hosting as well as registration and to a deliberatingly low price. I signed up a couple of weeks later and the rest is, as they say, history.

About me
What can I say about me? Well, my name is Lars Brunkman and I was born in Helsingborg in the southern part of Sweden in 1958. I still live there.
At an early age a friend of mine got me interested in bird-watching; a hobby I still enjoy pursuing. He also got me interested in photography and he helped me getting started. He was rather a good photographer himself and I admired his work. Sunset
My first camera (apart from a number of so called "easy-to-handle" cameras) was a Russian Zenith-E. It looked a lot better than it actually was, but I did manage to get some quite decent photos. I used it together with a 400 mm Tokina lens which I later sold to a friend ridiculously cheap. By then I had bought a new camera, a Pentax, and another 400 mm lens. I still have that lens. The camera packed it in after having served me well for many years. A problem with the shutter, it was. I bought another Pentax some time before the old one "retired" and it served me for several years. It "retired" in 1988 and the very same way the first Pentax did.
Today I own two Pentax cameras and four different lenses (five counting the 400 mm which I use occasionally).
I live in a small apartment with a terrific view. On a clear day I can see several miles and, of course, Denmark (it's only four kilometers away). Most of my clouds & weather photos are taken from my balcony (like the one above).
At this date (autumn of 2005) I only have one working Pentax left. This is due to the oldest one, with a motor, broke down early this pring. I think the motor was worn out. The remaining Pentax still works, but the question is for how long. Perhaphs it is time to take the step over to digital photography. Donations, anyone? :).

Växter i Skåne
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