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  • February 17
  • Ice bubbles

  • February 04
  • Goose Creek

  • January 19
  • Small waterfall

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Ice bubbles 2008-02-17 - Ice bubbles
Lens: No (zoom)
Flash: No
Settings: M mode, ISO 80, 1/100s, f5,6 - 1/60s, f8 (last one)
Temperature was about +3°C and there was ice on the ponds. It was a little hard to see in most places. The light circular areas in these photos are pockets of air. The smaller ones are most likely from air bubbles from fish. The feather in #3 and 4 is from a female Mallard.
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Creek 2008-02-04 - Goose Creek
Lens: None
Flash: No
Settings: M mode, ISO 80, 1/13s (first) 1/30s, f5,6
Goose Creek (Gåsebäcken) floats through the valley Jordbodalen. At one point there is a small waterfall. It is man made but never the less quite beautiful. The other two photos were taken a little bit down stream from the waterfall.
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Waterfall 2008-01-19 - Nature - Small waterfall
Time: 15.05 (GMT +1)
Weather: Sunny with several clouds, +7°C, strong wind from W
Settings: Manual mode, ISO 100, aperture 8, speed 1/10s - 1/15s
A small waterfall a bit upstream in the creek floating through Jordbodalen. There was quite a lot of water today which of course made it more interesting.
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